Kamis, 14 Juli 2016

great bed frame

Hello, everyone! Welcome to this post where you will get some great information about bed frames. Instead of thinking about too many things about your bedroom, you should think about a great bed frame, preferably a multifunction one.. Reading this post will get you some inspiration to get a bed frame for your room.

There are various kind of bed frames you can pick for your bedroom. As the main furniture of a room where you put your mattress on it, bed frame has been the biggest and the most important furniture in your room. Indeed there are various kind bed frame or bedstead. You can pick the very simple bedstead which designed only for its function, as a furniture to put your mattress which is usually made of wood or metal, but you can also pick the more functional bedstead. The most functional bedstead is the bedstead which has storage in it. There are a lot of kind of bedstead with storage. If you want to use the storage to keep the stuffs which you rarely use, it would be great to pick a bed frame which a large storage under the mattress. This kind of storage will get you a large space where you can keep even some big stuffs like some sheets, pillows, or even your any kind of stuffs which you might rarely need. But, if you need more space to keep the stuffs which you use everyday, you can pick any bed frames with the drawer storage under the mattress. Though you cannot keep larger stuffs, you can keep a lot stuffs like shoes, books, or anything you might need in your daily life.

Just pick the right bedstead with a storage which is fit to your need. However, you also have to pay attention to your room size. The bed frames with storage are usually heavy and big. It might not fit if your have smaller room. At the same time, you also have to make sure that it get enough sunlight and good air circulation to make you easier remove any bugs or dirt to make sure the bed frames are always clean.

bunk bed design ideas

Having bedroom that using bunk bed that accommodates modern design also spending low price become expectation everyone. Generally, bunk bed used in the big family or in the dormitory even in prison so why many people don’t interest to using bunk bed in their home. However bunk bed can be designed in the modern design you can explore some little thing in the bunk bed into great design also you can’t spend much cost for designing bunk bed. As we know bunk bed is cheapest than bedding so you can use your budget to explore other thing such as using bunk bed as storage or etc. 

First of all people should be created sketch their bunk bed such as making bunk bed in the useful thing with using lower or headboard as storage either for bookshelf or stuff. Then your bunk bed need matching into your space it is important to prevent your bedroom crowded look. Then you also try to match your color background to bring your design more elegant. Then make sure your design will be suitable in your budget so why we need time for preparing your concept. If you can predict that your design will be best result you can start to search your bunk bed in the store.

In addition don’t forget to make sure your design have great other furniture such cabinet, ornament and etc. It means you can bring your design into the real, and then you need to make sure your bunk bed is safety for your children then baby can’t use bunk bed because it can be danger. Designing bunk bed is not difficult if you have many reference also you can improve your idea. You need also think about your materials because bunk bed is available in wood or metal. Generally, wood is used because simple and then durable, you can use wood to make your bunk bed in great design.

Finally, you can get my point of bunk bed design don’t forget to keep up-to-date your inspiration by following my article. For further photo of bunk bed inspiration can open in my gallery and don’t forget to make sure your budget can accommodate your planning.

bunk bed in the great design

Good morning all! Nice to share idea of home design then today is very special because I would like to bring bunk bed as topic for today. Bunk bed is kinds of bedding style that especially focus on how to maximize limited space. Actually, most of us is using bunk bed because it can accommodate more people in one room then usually big family using bunk bed. In this time we would like to change your bunk bed into elegant bedroom. There is several important aspects that can be crucial into creating the bunk bed in the great design. In addition people sometime can’t pay attention about this so in the result they just design bunk bed in normal thing.

When you expect having bunk bed in whole design should be thing many aspect it will be bringing the great design for instance think about your space capacity. It is very important that you can understand of your field of design; if you have known you can improve your idea to add some creation in your design with add great ornament or furniture. Bunk bed should be in the right size that you can’t force using big bunk bed but it brings your room crowded look. You need also to think what style your bunk bed work best in your design such as wooden is suitable for modern design. Remember that your bunk bed should be surrounding by railing to prevent user fall down while they sleep.

Now everyone should make sketch their design it means you have known what will furniture will include in your design. You can possible adopting movie cartoon as pattern of your design then every part should be in same tone. It means you are not allowing put different theme in your bunk bed such as you want to create bunk bed using Tom and Jerry cartoon as your theme then every part need using this thing such bed cover. Furthermore color also become the important thing in your design then make sure you have chosen the right color to be combining in your design, grey maybe used for people who like natural. 

In the last, using bunk bed as your storage will be very modern design then you can design lower bunk bed as storage or bookshelf. So you need to improve your idea then update your inspiration with searching much information. So here you can see my collection of bunkbed idea that you can imitate or maybe mixing your design.